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Visual Art

Grade 9 Visual Art 10G
Since this is the first level at which art is an optional program, it is
therefore assumed the student has an interest in the subject area.
The course offers an accelerated program of skill development
including colour pointillism, pen and ink, perspective drawing, clay
figurines, and portraiture. These are introduced through a thematic
approach. Students are required to create a sketchbook/journal in
which they will explore different media and images and will be marked
on a regular basis. View the grade 9 art gallery.

Grade 10 Visual Art 20G
This course begins with a major still life project of pen and ink with a
watercolour wash. In the second half of the year the students will
experiment with different media through assigned projects and selfdirected
work. Students are required to create a sketchbook/journal
which will reflect regular explorations of varied media and techniques
and will marked on a regular basis. Art History is introduced at this level. View the grade 10 art gallery.

Grade 11 Visual Art 30S
A number of projects take up the first half of the year dealing with
progressively more complex art problems. The second half of the year
the students will explore their particular interests. This is done under
the guidance and the supervision of the teacher. Throughout the year
students will continue working in their sketchbooks to develop ideas
for projects and to improve their skills. The study of Art History will 

continue. View the grade 11 art gallery.

Grade 12 Visual Art 40S
A major focus of the first half of the year will be to work on the
backdrops for the major production of the Drama Department.
Students will also work on those props which require artistic skills.
The second half of the year the students will explore advanced design
problems. Students are expected to continue their sketchbook work
throughout the year. The students will finish the Art History component.

View the grade 12 art gallery.


In October 2010 the new visual arts studio opened.


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