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Human Rights Team

H.R.T (Human Rights Team) is dedicated to promoting the dignity of the human person and challenging each member of the school community to act justly.

Our Mission:

  • To stop torture for all people, regardless of race, religion, economic condition, or political affiliation.
  • To free prisoners of conscience, regardless of race, religion, economic condition, or political affiliation.
  • To stop executions, especially of prisoners of conscience.
  • To raise awareness of human rights issues.
  • To develop student leadership and student participation.

Our Activities:

  • Advocating for an end to torture, political killings, and for the release of prisoners of conscience through school-wide letter writing campaigns. These campaigns typically generate 300-500 letters. Approximately 25% of the people on whose behalf we write are either freed or experience improved treatment. We are not alone. We are part of a world wide network of millions of human rights activists. We will be heard.
  • Conducting campaigns to increase awareness about issues such as land-mines, child soldiers, violence against women, and exploitation of workers on sugar plantations.
  • Raising funds for other organizations to improve human rights. A BBQ raised $1100 for Darfur. Money has also been raised for UNANIMA International, an organization working against human trafficking, for the Marymound Centre in Winnipeg, and for the Seeds of Peace organization which runs camps in which youth from conflict regions meet to dialogue with each other.
  • The Annual fund raising dinner is organized by a committee of nine students, each of whom chairs a sub-committee.

Our Dinners:

  • 2004 Stolen Sisters: Raising Awareness and Demanding Action Re: Large Numbers of Murdered and Missing Aboriginal Women.
  • 2005 Anti-Trafficking Dinner and Theatre: Anti-Trafficking featuring a performance of the play The Oldest Oppression.
  • 2006 Seeds of Peace: Raising awareness of the Seeds of Peace camp in Maine which brings together youth from conflict regions so that they can learn to co-exist with each other. Viewed film Seeds of Peace documentary with a Q and A session with Noelle DePape, a former Seeds counselor.
  • 2007 We Are the Global Village: Promoted fair trade as an ideal and fair trades options in Winnipeg.
  • 2008 Darfur: Dinner and a Movie: Viewed Darfur Now with a Q and A Session with members from Winnipeg’s Darfurian community.
  • 2009 Human Rights Heros
  • 2012 Spark a Change Dinner: in support of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

H.R.T. (formerly the SMA Amnesty International Student Team) was a recipient of the YMCA-YWCA Peace Medal in 2000 and 2005. To date, it is the only two-time recipient of the award.



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