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Flames High School Hockey

In 1996-1997 the WWHSHL was established. SMA Flames joined the league the following year and won its first championship in the 2000-2001 season. The Flames have an impressive thirteen year record under Coach Bob Johnson: finalists nine times and league champions seven times. As a result of our on-ice success, the school has gained a reputation as a “hockey school” and consequently attracts students who are eager to play for the Flames. In 2010-2011 the school’s hockey program gained further accolades when SMA became the first high school in Manitoba to field two teams in the league. 

Coaches and Manager

Mr. Michael Zirino Coach
Mr. D'Arcy Bain Coach
Mr. Noel Rautert  Goalie Coach
Mrs. Carol-Ann Swayzie Team Manager


Name Position Grade
Jade Blando G 10
Kathryn Roberts G 11
Abbey Boguski D 11
Meredith Cummings D 11
Gaby Dawyduk D 9
Kerrington Meikle D 9
Kyrsten Roberts D 10
Gretta Styles D 10
Laura White D 12
Jade Giesbrecht F 9
Chloe Kreitz F 10
Alexia Lecocq F 11
Alana Lesperance F 12
Erin Liebzeit F 12
Aimee Patrick F 9
Ally Rakowski F 9
Haley Steciuk F 10
Sierra Sutherland F 12
Skyler Tycholis F 9


Schedule and Results

Date Time Opponent Location Results
11-Oct 4:00 Dakota Dakota CC 3-2 Win
12-Oct 4:50 Westwood MTS Iceplex 3-1 Win
19-Oct 4:50 Oak Park MTS Iceplex 7-5 Win
26-Oct 4:50 Selkirk MTS Iceplex 3-1 Win
4-Nov 4:00 Collège Jeanne-Sauvé Dakota CC 3-0 Win
10-Nov 4:00 Oak Park Eric Coy 4-1 Win
16-Nov 4:50 Vincent Massey MTS Iceplex 4-3 Win
18-Nov 4:00 Shaftesbury Varsity View 4-2 Loss
22-Nov 4:00 Selkirk East Selkirk 4-1 Loss
25-Nov 4:15 Vincent Massey Century Arena 3-0 Loss
30-Nov 4:50 Dakota MTS Iceplex 4-3 Loss
2-Dec 3:45 Shaftesbury Varsity View 5-2 Loss
7-Dec 4:50 Oak Park MTS Iceplex 6-2 Win
12-Dec 4:00 Westwood Keith Bodley 5-1 Win
16-Dec 4:15 Vincent Massey Century Arena 3-2 Win
21-Dec 4:50 Collège Jeanne-Sauvé MTS Iceplex 3-0 Win
11-Jan 4:40 Vincent Massey MTS Iceplex  
25-Jan 4:50 Selkirk MTS Iceplex  
27-Jan 4:00 Collège Jeanne-Sauvé Dakota CC  
30-Jan 4:00 Westwood Keith Bodley  
1-Feb 4:50 Shaftesbury MTS Iceplex  
3-Feb 4:30 Dakota Southdale CC  

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