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Female World Sport School Challenge
The FWSSC is a Hockey Canada sanctioned tournament, and St. Mary's Academy is the official host school for this annual event. Top female hockey teams from Sport Schools across North America and Europe are invited to participate. The tournament, in its 3rd consecutive season, is a showcase event where Scouts come to prospect. 
Hockey Canada encourages and sanctions Sports Schools to foster amateur hockey and to promote and facilitate developmental programs for athletes in a school setting that balances students’ academic and athletic schedules and demands. Teams train intensively and compete at a high level against prep school teams and AAA teams. The goal for these elite female student-athletes is to pursue a university education and to play college hockey. Games and tournaments, such as the Female World Sport School Challenge, are strategically chosen and organized for scouting potential and player promotion.

For information on this tournament, visit the FWSSC website at

2017 FWSSC
March 16-19, 2017
MTS Iceplex

2016 FWSSC
March 10-13, 2016
Gold: Shattuck-St. Mary's Sabres U19
Silver: Pursuit of Excellence
Bronze: St. Mary's Academy Flames

2015 FWSSC
March 12-15, 2015
Gold: Pursuit of Excellence RED
Silver: Pursuit of Excellence - BLACK
Bronze: Shaftesbury Titans
2014 FWSSC
March 13-16, 2014
Gold: Shaftesbury Titans
Silver: Pursuit of Excellence
Bronze: St. Mary's Academy Flames

2013 FWSSC
February 21-24, 2014
Gold: Edge School for Athletes
Silver: Okanagan Hockey Academy
Bronze: Pursuit of Excellence