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General Academic Information

Preparedness for Class 
Students are expected to come to class prepared and to have with them the necessary supplies such as texts, notebooks, calculators, pencils, pens.
Homework is an important component of learning. To be effective, homework should be done daily, and review of material studied in class should be under-taken regularly. Students in grades 7 and 8 are expected to do at least one hour of homework and review daily. This time will increase for students in Grades 9-12. Students who have missed classes are responsible for homework and assignments.

Reports outlining students’ progress are distributed three or four times a year. Parent teacher interviews are scheduled in November and February.

November Progress Report — Student progress is expressed as a letter grade, except for students in Grade 12 whose progress is expressed as a percentage. Achievement regarding specified outcomes is also included.

February Report — September to January term work and common cumulative mid-year assessment are expressed as a percentage.

April Progress Report — An April Progress Report is sent to parents of students who are experiencing difficulties in one or more subject areas.

June Final Year End Report —Term work, mid-year assessment and final exam results plus final mark for the year expressed as a percentage. 

During the year, teachers will frequently conduct assessment and evaluations. Students who, for a valid reason, miss a test will be required to write the test upon return to school at the teacher's discretion. Make-up tests are administered on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:30 p.m. Families are expected to make arrangements for their daughters to be present at the make-up test time.

Mid-Year Assessments are completed in December and January. Final exams are written in June. All students are expected to write major assessments and exams on the dates scheduled. Parents are asked NOT to book vacations during scheduled assessments and exams. A zero will be given for a major assessment or exam being missed due to a vacation. A doctor’s certificate is required to verify an absence for exams.

Evaluation Break Down:
Grades 7 & 8:
• Common year-end exam (June) – 20%
• Mid term assessment (January) – 10%
• Term work (Sept. – June) – 70%

Grades 9 – 12:
• Common year-end exam (June) – 30%
• Mid term assessment (January) – 15%
• Term work (Sept. – June) – 55%
A few subject areas may opt for an alternative to a formal written exam. In these cases, there exists a major project focusing on cumulative knowledge learned throughout the year.

Supplemental Exams
Grade 12 students who fail a course may have the option of writing a supplemental exam. To qualify for a supplemental exam a student must meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum year end grade of 40%.
  • All required coursework must be completed by the end of term (make-up assignments will not be given to improve a failing grade).
  • Attendance record must be in good standing (unless supported by a doctor’s certificate for illness).

The supplemental exam will be two hours in length and will cover the topics studied during the entire course. The student will receive a supplemental exam outline from the subject teacher.

A student who passes the supplemental exam will be granted a conditional pass in that course with a final grade of 50%.

Grade 12 students who fail a course but do not qualify for a supplemental exam must take a credit in summer school.

Students in Grades 7 - 11 who fail a course must obtain this credit at summer school before moving on to the next grade level.. If a student attends summer school in a particular subject area for two consecutive summers, a meeting between student, parents and administration will occur to determine status of the student at SMA.

High School Program Requirements
St. Mary's Academy has requirements over-and-above those of the Province of Manitoba. A St. Mary's Academy graduation diploma is granted only to students who have completed all Department of Education and St. Mary's Academy requirements. All students are required to successfully complete SMA courses in English, Math and Religion to receive a SMA diploma.

Course Options
Option sheets are sent home with students in spring. In addition to required courses, students choose options at each level. Selection of courses should be made on the basis of student needs, interests and abilities as well as university/college admission requirements and/or the work situation to which the student aspires. Course changes may be made prior to the September deadline if there is space in the desired course. Students who switch options are responsible for all missed work in their new option.

Physical Education Classes 
Manitoba Education and Training requires four senior high credits in Phys Ed/Health Ed. At SMA, students take a full credit in Grade 9, 10, 11 and 12. In Grades 11 and 12, the school is responsible for 55 hours of instruction (one Phys. Ed class and one Health Ed. class per cycle) and the student is responsible for 55 hours of approved MET physical activity. Members of the SMA Phys. Ed department will inform all Grade 11 and 12 students of this requirement in September of each year.

Students are only excused from physical education class only if they present a note from parents or medical doctor stating disability. Those excused from participating are to report to the Physical Education teacher at the beginning of the class for a special assignment. 

SMA has adopted an Attendance Policy that seeks to promote responsible behaviour on the part of students by establishing specific expectations and consequences governing student absences and tardiness. Regular attendance and punctuality are important life-style behaviours and as such these behaviours are expected and fostered within the school setting. There also exists a provincially established expectation regarding hours of instruction to obtain a credits. Absenteeism could lead to loss of credit.

While specific attendance expectations have been established, it is not the intent of this policy to penalize students where the attendance expectations have not been met as a consequence of circumstances beyond the student's control. The school administration can exercise a certain discretion in extenuating circumstances with supporting documentation. A Student Attendance Profile is sent home periodically for students whose attendance pattern is cause for concern.

Parents are requested to email Mrs. Duffy at or call the school and leave a message on the attendance voice mail as early as possible each day that their daughter is absent. A member of the school office staff will contact the parents in the case of an unexplained absence or if a student skips a class.

Entrance requirements vary among universities; please refer to the university of interest for specific requirement information. The office will submit February and Final marks on behalf of students who apply to the University of Manitoba and University of Winnipeg. If further information is required, please call the office or our career counsellor.

Honour Roll 
Honour students are those who achieve an overall average of 80% or more on the final June report.